Product Demonstration on short transportation use.

WARNING!! use this method at your own risk!!!

Some people had been asking me how they could transport the Ronin “Built” in-between locations on shoot days……short trips….without dismantling the ROnin into the case and then having to build all over again a few mins later.

In the video is how I do it. Using the Ronin Quick plate adaptor I mount it on a hi-hat on my tripod in the back of my car/truck. I plac esome padding and use the velcro tie and some sand bags!

Safer way to transport a fully built ronin.

I would NOT use this method for LONG Distances!!!! Rattles and vibrations can really damage things over 5 hours of driving on bumpy roads!

WARNING!! use this method at your own risk!!!

The possibilities are endless….!! The sky is the limit!!
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