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Our First Movi Product!! Released! MōVI mount!

Universal Mount for Freefly MōVI | CineMilled

IMG_4111After some long nights in the shop….I’m proud to announce our first product for the FreeFly MōVI line of gimbals! The first of many.
We started things off with a “universal” MōVI mount plate. This will be perfect for people that own or work with both systems frequently, because….. we made it so it interfaces with the DJI standard and the Movi Toad in the hole!




What this means is that you can now mount your MoVI on all of your CineMilled Ronin-M/MX Mounts or DJI dovetail mounts. If you happen to have a Drone or a cable cam that uses the DJI mount that means that now, without having to take it off you can slide a MoVI into it. If you are also a Movi owner that means that now you have an alternative to the Toad in the hole and now you can also quickly mount/dismount using our Ronin-M mount!


This also means you can now mount your MoVi to our steadicam armpost adaptor or our new PRO Ring.

Purchase here,
More MōVI products also on the way.

Watch the video tutorial if you need more info.



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