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CineMilled & CineMilled products are designed and created by Camera and SteadiCam operator Pedro Guimaraes, SOC.

After years working in Hollywood and working with many things that I wished were designed a just a bit different and always thinking of new solutions but never making those solutions a reality. Luckily the right friendship was struck and CineMilled was now a possibility. Recently when handheld stabilizers hit the Market like the MOVI and DJI Ronin the need arose for solutions to address some much wanted needs.

Working alongside is a Austrian/american Machinist living and working here in Los Angeles designing and executing these concepts into parts we can share with fellow camera operators around the world.

Hopefully, all of you will appreciate the thought and workmanship put into each part.

Contact us anytime for any questions regarding the product, requests, feedback or any other questions about your order or anything else.

Pedro Guimaraes, SOC
Founder & CEO

Mailing Address:

1317 N. San Fernando blvd. suite 548 Burbank, CA 91504