Ronin & MōVI Rod Support for Dovetails


  • Works with standard 15mm rods.
  • Comes in 2 versions, ‘Studio Support’ 100mm center to center and ‘LWS’ 60mm center to center.
  • Fits ALL Ronin and MOVI dovetails.
  • Includes both M4 and M3 hardware.
  • Drop down design give you room to work with large lenses.


The CineMilled Rod support works with standard 15mm rods. We have 2 sizes of rod support, a ‘Studio Support’ version which is 100mm center to center and our ‘LWS’ version at 60mm center to center. With both versions, you can add a variety of lens-related accessories, like matte boxes and lens control motors.

Can be used with any 15mm rod like the ones included with the Ronin or other accessories.

Additionally, they are drilled in a way you can mount to ANY RONIN or ANY MOVI camera dovetail. This means factory dovetails or any of our CineMilled PRO Dovetail system. We include the M4 screws to mount to Ronin dovetails and the M3 screws to mount to MOVI dovetails.

We offset the rods lower than your dovetail. This give you MORE room to mount lens motors on lenses with LARGE diameter barrels.

Also we designed our bracket to be really low profile. So it does not protrude above the dovetail surface. This mean if the bottom of the camera you are mounting is big enough to hang off the end of the dovetail it will not create any clearance issues.

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