**50% OFF** Counterweight System for DJI Ronin-S


For professional cinema applications where you need to balance large camera/lens combinations, lens motors and matte boxes etc.

Gives you many counterweight mounting positions, top bottom, angled, roll axis and pan axis.

Complete system that allows you to balance extreme builds!


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Make the impossible happen with CineMilled!!

For those extreme builds when they ask you if it’s possible!? Now you can accept the challenge and say Yes!

Making a complete counterweight system for the Ronin-S was a challenge, but we think we have something that will allow you to balance the most extreme builds.

Complete system includes:
– Roll arm counterweight mount
– Pan Arm counterweight mount
– Lower counterweight arm mount
– Upper cheeseplate and counterweight mount plate
– Riser tube with extension
– 2 counterweight arms

I strongly advise any purchasers to watch the video and get a good understanding of the system and the challenges involved in using this counterweight system.

There are so many options to mount and move counterweights around, it is vital to have a very solid understanding of balancing theory so you can choose where to put the camera where you want it (for clearance purposes) and then expertly move counterweight around to the different positions to get things perfectly balanced.

Check out the counterweight system in action with a Kinefinity MAVOLF and a PL Ruby lens!