Feet for Gimbal Rings


Allows you to set your gimbal ring on any flat surface

Fits on most gimbal rings. We included one 1/4-20 mounting point so you can mount your ring onto a tripod or other device.

25mm Version works on

CineMilled PRO-Ring System
Original MōVI Ring
DJI Ring

30mm version works on

MōVI PRO and Ronin 2 (R2)


It can be said that it’s the small things that make the biggest differences, and in this case it is so true!

CineMilled gimbal ring “Feet” are the perfect answer after a long take! Maybe you need to set the gimbal down to adjust something in between takes? Now with CineMilled Ring Feet you can! Bring new practicality to your old MoVI ring or you newer DJI ring.

Installs in minutes !! Simple bolt on installation with 2 piece clamp design allows you to quickly mount onto any ring design. (Available in 25mm and 30mm versions).Strong clamping action prevents any slippage.

25mm version works on:
CineMilled PRO Ring
DJI Ring
MoVI carbon fiber ring (1st gen)

30mm version works on:
New MoVI Pro ring.

Additionally you can mount tripod plates to the bottom of the feet and mount your ring/gimbal to a tripod! This might also allow you to mount to other devices or mounts.