Dovetail Adapter for Ronin 1 (R1)


A simple way to make your “CineMilled R2 Universal Mount” slide into our Ronin 1, Ronin-M/MX Universal Mounts!

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Perfect solution for users that work with different brands of gimbals on every job with their crane, vehicle mount, drone or even our CineMilled PRO Ring!! If you would like to avoid having to constantly swap mounts back and forth…..then mount a Ronin 1 Universal Mount (Ronin-M/MX also) and then with our adaptor you can now slide into any R1 mount!! In addition if you use our MOVI or Tilta universal mounts you will also be able to slide into the R1.So this means you can have 1 mount and slide in anyMOVI, Ronin or Tilta gimbal.

Unleash the potential of you gimbal with CineMilled!