Spindle Clamp Conversion for Ready Rig GS – 30mm


The CineMilled Spindle Mount is designed for use with the MōVI Pro Carbon Fiber Ring and Ronin 2 Ring, fits 30mm tubes.

Ready Rig GS Spindle Mount Tube Clamp Conversion allows existing owners of the 25mm Spindle Mount to convert for use on 30mm tubes.

**Tube clamp size 30mm

**This product is only clamps, it does not include the spindle


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This revolutionary concept essentially allows you to adjust the force needed to tilt your MōVI Pro Carbon Fiber Ring/gimbal when used with a Ready Rig GS.

As a Steadicam operator, the last thing I want to do is actually hold any gimbal for any period of time. Unless there is a transfer happening I am always using some kind of support system…..a Steadicam arm….or these days my favorite of everything I have tried…..the Ready Rig.

If you slide the gimbal up the rig becomes more bottom heavy….slide it down the post and you get closer to CG and it becomes more neutral. So i created a sliding “spindle” mount for use with the Ready Rig. Using high quality bearings….we made these adjustable spools that slide on the side bars.

Just like a Steadicam post….slide the spindle mounts up! and you get more bottom heavy and the ring requires more effort to tilt…..slide them down closer to CG and the ring becomes more neutral and less and less effort to tilt…..

The end result is that I feel now  it changes the way you will operate a gimbal, it feels a lot closer to what a Steadicam feels like to operate. Finger tip control is now possible.

You can finesse your frame even with long lenses….you really have to try it to believe it. Along with the similar boom and range you have with the ReadyRig this feels very familiar….very Steadicam like.

Add the Spindle Mount Tube Clamp Conversion to your tool bag. Just change the clamp on your existing Spindle to mount the MōVI Pro