Universal Mount for DJI Ronin 2 (R2)


Unleash your Ronin 2! Mount it on just about anything, anywhere! Place your order today!

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Mount your DJI Ronin 2 to a tripod, Steadicam, car mount, cable cam……your imagination is the limit!!

Unleash your Ronin2 with a true “universal mount”. Securely mount it too just about anything, anywhere! Compatible with our Mitchell threaded collar and castle nut, mitchell washer and knob, steadicam armpost adaptor and our PRO Ring system! Add the optional Ronin1 dovetail and you can even slide into a Ronin1 mount plate! No need to swap mounts around!!

Mount your DJI Ronin2 to a tripod, Steadicam, car mount, cable cam, RC car, drone……your imagination is the limit!!

All the holes down the centerline of the mount are spaced 1″ on center which is of course the industry standard drip and cheeseplate spacing. You have a multitude of standard threaded holes (1/4-20 and 3/8-16) all over the mount including a few non threaded positions.

Factory “Safety locking pin” system is also included and works just like DJI intended…….provides some safety until you latch down and secure the dovetail.

Use it to mount directly onto a steadicam sled to enable steadicam 360 mode on the Ronin2.


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