Handheld Mounting Plate for PRO-Ring System – Compact


For the times the director needs high energy Kinetic shots… remove the gimbal from your PRO-Ring and go Handheld!

**The PRO-Ring Compact Handheld Mount Plate requires a pair of 8″ Tubes (CM-1208)

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Quick Look into new “Handheld mode” for our new CineMilled PRO-Ring.

Normally you can use our PRO-Ring for gimbal work, Ronin/MōVI -etc…….but now…..ONE MORE MODE!! By using the optional Ready Rig “Spindle Mount” you can use our PRO Ring with your Ready Rig GS support system.

Then by adding our “HandHeld mount plate” to the ring you can then use the support system to operate in regular hand held mode. Perfect for high energy camera movement, like fight scenes or general action scenes when you DO NOT Want the camera to be stable or where you need very fast whip pans, fast tilt ups etc.

Now when the director asks for “handheld” you can strap the Ready Rig on and operate handheld and give the director kinetic energy in the shot and save your back and career at the same time!!

Hand-Held Mode

The handheld mount, that is adjustable and goes in between the 2 tubes of the ring… you can mount your camera directly to it, you can mount a Ronford Baker touch and go mount, and Arri dovetail… many options… I like the touch n go mount.

The same basic idea works here with the spindle mounts and the Ready Rig. Since you can adjust the position of the spindle… you can tilt even a 30lbs Sony F65 with one finger. If you don’t want it that sensitive you can always just slide the spindles up and make the payload more bottom heavy.

So you can do gimbal shots… and if you need handheld “kinetic” “shaky cam” you can still do it without breaking your back. Personally I will never do another handheld shot without my Ready Rig/ PRO-Ring combo.

The system allows you to use the PRO-Ring do do handheld with your almost any studio setup. To enable fast whip pans and dynamic operating. When used in conjunction with the Ready Rig GS in this mode it takes all the effort off your arms and also give you full finesse and fingertip control of your camera to either make it shaky, dynamic or smooth it out.

Check out operator Reid Russel, SOC testing out the PRO RIng with the handheld mount and a wave1 stabilizer on his Ready Rig.