Control Panel for DJI Ronin 2 Gimbal


Sink your R2 controller into the CineMilled Control Panel and watch your precision improve!

Gives you a stable platform to support the controller and a monitor.

Mount to a tripod or wear it on your body with the included harness!

Professional precise control now at your fingertips.

*Body Harness included


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SKU: CM-2100


Watch the full tutorial video for a complete overview and explanation of how this can benefit your operating

The CineMilled Ronin 2 Control Panel takes a potentially awkward remote controller and transforms it into a stable and ergonomic platform for you to accurately frame your shots!

The R2 controller mounts securely inside our control panel, simply re-map the direction of the joystick inputs (via the rear LCD panel or the app). Since the controller now sits horizontally instead of vertically your left hand can change the pan speed on the fly as you operate!

The memory foam gel pads gives the side of your palms a nice comfortable support to allow your hands to do their best work.

Use your own monitor arm and mount your monitor to complete your mobile operating station! Optionally you can use our own adjustable rigid monitor arm.

The included body harness allows you to wear your control panel as you setup your gimbal or quickly change your operating location during a shot. No need to be anchored to single location. On the other hand…. you can remove the body mount posts and mount directly to a tripod or camera cart or any other mount via the many 3/8-16 nd 1/4-20 threads on the bottom.

Add the optional V-Mount or Gold Mount (Anton Bauer) battery mounts and our design allows you to mount a battery to the bottom of the control panel in order to provide a power source to your monitor and maybe your HD video transmitter! Choose a Standard plate or our Premium plate that includes extra power output & cables for: 12V, 7.2V, 5V USB, LP-E6.