Swivel for Ready Rig GS


ReadyRig GS Users – Now you can run forwards and shoot backwards easily!

Run forward and shoot to the side with ease! Transition from forward to tracking to leading with grace!

*You will need at least one of our many mount plates for your specific gimbal in order to connect your gimbal to the swivel.

**You will need the shim for 25mm tubes: Freefly MōVI M5/M10/M15,Tilta gravity or DJI Ronin-M/MX.

***For MōVI Pro users please note you can mount with a Universal Mount or directly to the Carbon Fiber MōVI Pro Ring with our “Hardware Kit”


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SKU: CM-2050


Specifically made for Camera Operators that own a ReadyRig GS.

We think that this can help you achieve tracking and leading shots much easier.

High quality bearings connect a secondary handle bar on the ReadyRig straps to your regular gimbal handlebar allowing free 360 degree rotation of your gimbal when mounted to the ReadyRig.

Most importantly, the monitor stays in one place facing you even while the gimbal is turned to the side or backwards. Making running safer as you are still looking where you are going.

Perfect for lower angle, low height shots.

Works with 30mm handlebar tubes for the Freefly MōVI Pro, DJI Ronin and 25mm tubes with our shim for the Freefly MōVI or DJI Ronin-M.

Swivel Hardware Kit for MōVI Pro Ring

Easily and quickly mount your CineMilled ‘SWIVEL’ directly to the top of the MōVI Pro Ring.

Mounts directly to the mount already on the Carbon fiber ring that came with your MōVI Pro.

Simply remove the top handle and bolt on the swivel.

Get ready to shoot in minutes!!

Check out the the shots we got using the swivel on the MOVI PRO