Stainless Steel Wheel Set for Alpha Wheels – Black


The CineMilled Stainless Steel replacement wheels for the AlphaWheels are precision made from beautiful 303 Stainless steel.

Increased weight, improved feel, stunning looks.

Handles available in Black.


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SKU: CM-AW-303-B


At 5lbs 5oz the increased inertia allows for more consistent pan speeds and moves. Provides a butter smooth feel in your hands.

More ergonomic feel in you hands than the original Alpha Wheels design. Original design is square/modern, we went with a more classic rounded and hour glass shapes on our wheels and handles.

Our wider contour shape of the wheel provides a nice surface area to lay your hands and operate.

They attach just like the original wheels (small set screw on the shaft). We advise and recommend transporting your heavier wheels separately from the Alpha Wheels unit to take any impact loads away from the shaft.

Ultimate addition to the best controller on the market!

Alpha Wheels Aluminium 1lbs 7oz
Alpha Wheels Brass 4 lbs 4oz
CineMilled Stainless 5lbs 5oz