PAN Lock for DJI Ronin 2 Gimbal – Battery Module


Quickly and securely completely lock out your Pan motor with zero play to enable direct pan control.

Perfect for Steadicam/R2 mode or locked Handheld mode.

2 versions, using the battery module or without the module!


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SKU: CM-093


Quickly, securely and completely lock out your Ronin 2 Pan motor with zero play to enable direct pan control. The built in pan lock has too much play to shoot with so our lock eliminates this play so you can make the most from the 2-axis mode one the R2.

For R2/Steadicam mode the Pan Lock (without battery version) is one of the vital few CineMilled accessories you NEED in order to enable you to get the most from this amazing mode on your Steadicam. It allows you to have direct control of Pan input. Just like regular Steadicam. No “lag” from your input to reaction. The other CineMilled products are the R2 Universal Mount, Universal Battery Plate to securely mount the R2 powerblock to your Steadicam sled battery stage and the 360 rotating monitor mount.

For a “Hybrid 2-axis handheld” look, we offer our Pan lock (with battery module). This version allows you to still have the battery module mounted yet have the pan completely locked with no play. This enables you to whip the fumble around violently and imparts a more “kinetic” look into the footage. The R2 operates in 2-axis mode and still stabilized tilt and roll. This creates a new look that will add a new option for your creative palette.