PAN Counterweight Mount for Tilta Gravity Gimbal


The PAN Counterweight mount for the Tilta Gravity gimbal is the key to unlocking bigger and heavier configurations.

Use it to attach counterweights other accessories via the 3/8-16 threaded holes.

**Please note you will need to order Counterweights


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SKU: CM-081


Unlock more camera build options with our PAN Counterweight Mount!

The PAN Counterweight Mount for the Tilta Gravity gimbal from CineMilled is the key to unlocking new configurations with heavier cameras or payloads.

Installs easily with 3M industrial stick tape to the rear of the Gravity Gimbal.

By using the built in extending arms of the Tilta…. you can now mount heavy lenses or matte boxes, heavy focus motors, but as you add weight to the gimbal you will quickly run out of PAN balance adjustment. What is needed is our weight mount so you can screw in our counterweights and be able to perfectly balance your Tilta Gravity.

**Please be sure to add weights to your order!

Unlock the potential from your Gravity today !!