Alexa 35 to Ronin 2 Power Cable – 40″


This 40” flexible cable allows for optimum power draw when powering the Alexa 35 on the Ronin 2.

This cable utilizes the 10-pin lemo connector on the backside of the TB50 Ronin 2 Battery Module and extends down to the cage to power the Alexa 35 through their 8-pin lemo, allowing you to hot swap.

It delivers an unregulated 21-26.1V to the camera.

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While we believe our 24v Power Hub Extension is best suited for the Alexa 35 and other 24v cameras, (because of the untethered nature of the extension), the power hub only allows for minimal accessories to be powered due to the Alexa 35 high power draw. When multiple motors, light ranger, mdrs, and transmitters are needed on the camera and in the cage, this cable is a great option to not worry about power constraints.

****Please note that this cable tethers a fixed point (the battery module) to a moving part (the pan/tilt/roll motors). This cable length offers optimum flexibility in terms of avoiding tangling.