360° Houdini Rod Clamp 5/8 in.


Proud to introduce the best “Cheeseborough” type free spinning rigging rod clamp made.

Why? Besides being incredibly strong you can mix and match them with all the other 360 houdini clamps!

Clamp speedrail at any angle. Clamp 5/8″ rigging rods together or connect 3/8″ rigging rod to speedrail!

Machined from solid billet aluminium, with high grade 3/8-16 316 stainless steel main bolt.

Quick to deploy and adjust and set your rigging rods or speedrail!


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Tired of weak rigging rod clamps? Me too. Proud to introduce the best free spinning type clamp made. The super tough and solid CineMilled “Houdini-360” clamps!

Once we began testing our new Action Arm, I had to start building the rigging kit on both my SUV and pickup truck.

We developed the ultimate 360° adjustable “handcuff” or “cheeseborough” rigging rod/speedrail clamp. So strong even Houdini himself couldn’t get out of them!

Simply slide your rod/tubes into place, line your clamps up and tighten the main bolt and your set! The best part is that you can MIX and Match all of our Houdini clamps together!! So if you need to rig a 5/8″ rod coming off your speedrail now you can! If you need to connect your 5/8″ rod to 3/8″ and vice versa. Mix speedrail and rigging rods! All our clamps.

3/8-16 threaded holes for additional rigging on the sides and top, you can even use the top thread with a set screw to provide additional speedrail locking!

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