Universal Mount for Freefly MōVI Gimbal


Unleash your MōVI! Mount it on Cranes, Jibs, RC cars, Drones or just about anything!

You can also use this to mount your MōVI onto any Ronin standard Dovetail Mount.

**Fits all models M5, M10, M15
**Use to mount your MōVI to our PRO-Ring Handlebar System


Use this mount plate on your MōVI (M5/M10/M15)  onto a Tripod, Crane, jib, Drone, Steadicam arm and on our PRO-Ring.  Also compatible with the Freefly “Toad in the hole” Quick Release mount.

You can mount your MōVI “toad in the hole” directly to it or mount our plate directly onto the top of your MōVI.

Since it has holes down the center you can use this as a “universal” mounting plate to mount onto tripods, cranes, drones etc.

The Centerline holes are industry standard  3/8-16 and 1/4-20 threads. They are also 1″ on center so they line up with industry standard cheeseplate.

Add our Ronin “Universal Mount” (CM-003) to make your MōVI mount quick releasable! Seen here mounted to a tripod. But can easily be mount to a crane, jib, RC Car, Drone or our PRO Ring.

As you can see in the photos, we have machined both sets of holes and threads so you can mount either side of the “toad in the hole” adaptor on our plate.

We machined the “DJI” dovetail on the backside so you can alternatively mount it to any one of our DJI mount plates!! This way you can switch between DJI and MōVI gimbals on the same PRO-Ring in seconds! Besides dual compatibility this is usefull as many cable cams and other gimbal devices might be using the DJI dovetail standard. This way you can be ready for any situation!

If you then purchase our CM-003 Ronin Universal Mount you can now use this plate together with the Universal mount as a alternative to buying a “toad in the hole”.

This way you can now quickly connect your MōVI to different devices. This also provides the way to use our Steadicam armpost adaptor with your MōVI Gimbal! There are a growing number of devices out there that are using this as the standard interface.

Use your MōVI in a whole new way and mount it directly onto a Steadicam arm! This provides 4th axis stabilization and supports the weight of the gimbal. If used on a vest the weight gets distributed and you can hold and stabilize your MōVI for long periods of time. Works great on car mounts.

Watch the video to see the MōVI mounted on a quadcopter.

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