DJI Master Wheels Control Module III


  • Provides Control Over One Gimbal Axis
  • High-Precision Sensors
  • Advanced Control Algorithms
  • Use Attached or Connected via Cable
  • 3-Stop Gimbal Direction Toggle Switch
  • Speed, Smoothness, and Damping Dials
  • Stainless Steel Wheel

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The DJI Wheel Control Module III attaches to the DJI Master Wheels gimbal controller and provides control over one gimbal axis. The module uses high-precision sensors and advanced control algorithms to achieve accurate and smooth camera movement.

The module can be used attached to the Master Wheels base or detached and connected via an optional cable, allowing for more freedom in tight spaces. It offers a three-stop toggle switch that controls gimbal direction, and features dials that control speed, smoothness, and damping. The wheel itself is made of stainless steel, providing for a classic feel and reliable operation.