Delrin Shim 2 in.


This shim allows you to mount any clamp made for 30mm handlebar tube onto the 25mm Ronin-M/MX, PRO-Ring or MōVI handlebar tube.

It will let you use your existing accessory clamps or parts from a 30mm tube on your Ronin-M/MōVI/Ring  handlebar. Available in 1″ or 2″ size. (2″ size also used on PRO-Ring setups)

***Attention this product is for the Ronin-M/MX 25mm sized handlebar tube / PRO Ring tube / MōVI handlebar to adapt any accessories made for 30mm tubes. Like the full size Ronin parts***

****Priced per shim***

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SKU: CM-702


Use your DJI Ronin handlebar accessory clamp on your Ronin-M/MX !!!

This shim allows you to mount and use any clamp made for 30mm Ronin handlebar tube onto the Ronin-M/MX handlebar tube 25mm. You can now use your existing accessory clamps on your Ronin-M/MX handlebar!
Precision machined made from Delrin so it does not scratch or gauge your Carbon Fiber handlebar tube once tightened
Delrin Shim 1"11198752_10206966302504398_243538818_n

Just line up the cut with the gap to ensure proper clamping and you are all set!

11117376_10206966302704403_1275410669_n11124809_10206966300584350_462839242_nSelf centering design

The shim has a “flange” that basically lets you just push the shim in and it stops. This way it always aligns perfectly under the clamp and avoids hassles.


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