BA5000 Basic TB50/TB55 Battery Adaptor Gold Mount


Get more use out of your DJI TB50 or TB55 batteries!!

Use your existing Ronin2/Inspire batteries in V-Lock or Gold mount applications!

2x P-Tap outputs, 17amp output, positive locking mechanism and 2x 1/4-20 and 1x 3/8-16 Mounting Threads.

Now use one battery for everything!! Can’t beat the value, performance and quality of the DJI batteries.

Made in America

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The BA5000 is Birds Eye Technologies solution to having to carry around multiple types of batteries on jobs. The BA5000 is an adapter allowing you to use your existing drone batteries for most of your battery-operated cameras and accessory’s. One of the most popular drones is the DJI Inspire 2.

The Inspire 2 utilizes DJI’s TB50 battery system. The battery is a 98wh, 26v Lithium-Ion-Polymer Smart Battery. This battery is also used on their very popular Ronin 2 Gimbal system. Birds Eye has developed a way to use these TB50 and TB55 batteries to power any camera and/or camera accessory with industry standard Gold Mount or V-Lock plates.

So why is the BA5000 adapter so awesome and why do we think people will want to buy it? It’s simple once you know the current limitations of normal camera batteries.

Cost: Standard camera batteries in the 98Wh size can run anywhere from $200-$600 each. The TB50 batteries are $189 and they also make a TB55 (178Wh) series battery, which is also compatible (both these batteries are available from CineMilled).

Charging Speed: A standard camera battery charges at a very slow rate. Typically, a 98Wh battery will be anywhere between 3-6hrs to recharge, and unless you have an expensive charger, $2,000+, they will only charge 1-2 batteries at a time. DJI has a charging case, which costs around $1,400, and can charge 8 of the TB50 batteries in as little as 1hr and 40 minutes. This means production companies can bring fewer batteries with them and not have to worry about running out of power in the middle of a shoot.

Power Output: The TB50 batteries were originally designed for use in drones. Drones require a great deal of power, in the form of amps drawn. A high-dollar camera battery can typically output around 12 amps, but they die out extremely fast due to the voltage sag that is introduced with these higher amp draws. Our BA5000 can output up to 17 amps of power and with our initial testing, still last longer than your average battery at these high loads. This will allow users to power even the most demanding of camera builds without worry of damaging the batteries. The TB50 batteries will last just as long, if not longer, than a standard 98wh camera battery.

One Battery For Everything: The best part about the BA5000 is the fact that production companies can show up on set with a few of our adapters and one set of batteries and be able to run everything. We are offering the BA5000 in 2 versions to match the two most popular types of battery mounts used today. The Gold Mount and the V-Lock Mount. This will allow anyone with a camera system or accessories to easily add the adapter to their kit and start using the TB50 batteries right away. Both versions of the BA5000 will have 2 D-Tap Power outputs. The Pro version will also include a 2 pin LEMO output (Teradek polarity), and a 5v USB output.

Cold Weather Operation: The TB50/TB55 battery has a built-in heater which is great for those cold weather shoots! It will warm itself up to ensure you have maximum amount of power available during your shoot.

BA5000 – Basic Features
After a considerable amount of research learning what features people want to see in a battery adapter system, we feel we have come up with the ultimate system and feature set. We could have done something simple, but we wanted to give the user the best experience with the adapter and make sure they know exactly what is happening with the power they are getting from the BA5000.

  • Positive Locking Mechanism to hold both the TB50 and TB55 battery securely to the adapter
  • Voltage Output ranging from 16.8v to 11.5V (will drop as the TB50/TB55 battery voltage drops to allow you to monitor voltage on your camera/accessories just like you would a normal camera battery)
  • 2x P-Tap outputs
  • 17amp output with short duration spikes up to 20 amps (such as during lens calibrations).
  • Durable construction from T6-6061 Aluminum and Delrin
  • 2x 1/4-20 and 1x 3/8 Threads to mount the adapter anywhere

The primary concern is the safety of the equipment to which the battery adapter would be attached. Since the TB50/TB55 batteries are outputting a higher voltage than most cameras and accessories can use, we designed the electronics to safely lower the voltage the BA5000 is supplying. Our electrical engineer spent a lot of time designing all the safety features into the adapter. Currently the adapter can detect and instantly shutdown the power-output if any of the following conditions occur:

  • Over/Under Voltage of the TB50 battery
  • Over-Current
  • Over-Voltage on the output side of the adapter if it goes over 17v.
  • Over-Temperature of the electronics inside the BA5000
  • Short-Circuit

Weight: 1.6lbs

**Please note that the images shown are of working prototypes and the final version may look different.**