Alpha Wheels Set-Ready Bundle for Ronin & MōVI


This set-ready bundle includes everything you need to wirelessly control the full range of MōVI Pro/XL and Ronin 1, 2, M, MX, S gimbals with the Alpha Wheels.

This bundle includes over $500 worth of our most popular and necessary accessories for free!

Simply choose your preferred wheel material, heavy brass or affordable aluminum.


This bundle has everything you need to get up and shooting with wheels on your MōVI Pro, XL, Ronin 1, 2, M, MX, and S.

Included in the bundle:

Aluminum Brass
Control Unit + Wheels $2,250 $2,950
Alpha Link S.Bus XR $750 $750
Base Plate $175 $175
D-Tap Power Cable $125 $125
AC Adapter $125 $125
High Gain Antenna Kit $75 $75
Regular Price $3,500 $4,200
Bundle Discount -$500 -$500
New Bundle Price $3,000 $3,700


Package Dimensions: 8in (H) x 10in (W) x 18in (L)

What’s in the Box

1x Alpha Wheels Control Unit
2x Hand Wheels [Aluminum or Brass]
1x Micro USB Cable

1x Base Plate
3x Risers

1x Alpha Link XR Transmitter
1x Alpha Link XR Receiver
1x Alpha Link to MōVI Pro Cable
1x Alpha Link to S.Bus Cable

1x High Gain Antenna Magnetic Base
1x High Gain Antenna

1x AC Power Adapter (with multiple world-wide compatible plugs)
1x D-Tap Power Cable

What Else You Need

Power Source
A D-Tap power cable is included in the kit. Simply provide a D-Tap battery to power the transmitter for a whole day. The included Micro USB cable can also be used as a power source from any 5V USB battery pack.

Extra Cables
Cables are not covered under our standard 1-year warrantee. We suggest purchasing backup Alpha Link Cables, backup MōVI Controller Cables, backup Power Cables.

Depending on your setup, you may need a computer to configure the wheels before the first use or upgrade firmware in the future. Once you have configured them, they will save your selected configuration in memory.