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    We are providing this space to allow you to communicate with us, ask questions, give feedback and as a place to share your experiences.

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    My DJI Ronin M quick switch plate is on hold. Any guess how long before it’s available to ship out? Thanks! It was ordered June 7th,2016

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    I am looking at purchasing the Dovetail plate and weights for the DJI Ronin MX but can’t find anything on the general amount of weights I would need for this. Can anyone help me out? I have a Sony FS5 with Canon L lenses and Cine Lenses.

    Thank you,

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      It’s hard to say because it all changes depending on if you use a mattebox, filters, lens motors and mostly what lens.

      Most customer end up buying 1 or 2 of each size.

      That should cover most scenarios.

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        okay and thank you for replying so quickly!

        One more question, say I don’t need all of the weights; what is the return policy?

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