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    As the video mentioned about attaching a MOVI to a jib. Is the upcoming MOVI PRO uses the same attachments as the MOVI 15? I would like the new MOVI PRO to be able to attach to a Jimmy Jib Triangle and do a quick release (pass off) in one continuous moving shot. Is that possible?

    Planning on doing a establishing shot high and wide from jib, MOVI PRO releases and passes off from jib going hand held to close ups of martial arts fighting as one continuous moving shot.

    If it is possible, please list necessary items do I need to purchase from your site?

    Jimmy Jib Triangle camera plate is 1/4 inch thick, 4 inches wide by 9 inches long. To attach the camera to the camera plate is via a slotted hole in lower case “t” pattern.


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    for a pass off you need to come up with some sort of smooth transition method.

    Our mount or FF’s toad in the holw are just not smooth or fast enough.

    but you can use either as a grab and go…..doing the reverse is harder (hand to crane)

    Everytime we have done that on set… and the grips have come up with some kind of system to make the transition.

    I have played with designing a magnetic release system but encountered some issues that prevented us from moving the idea forward.

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