All New Tilta Gravity Gimbal review!!

Hi everyone, Excited to give a quick review and first impressions of the awesome new gimbal from Tilta. Now this is just a pre-lim review and we still have more testing to do but it should give you some good initial information. ......and of course you know we are working on a few new great accessories for it! I got mine from Abel in Burbank. $4400.00 First Impressions: First impressions were overall very positive. The case and the foam inside reminds me of the Ronin of course, just blue. That said it is very nice case. After 1 week of ownership the top blue layer is already coming off in some spots....ow well. There is a center "block" of foam where they put a cable. Not sure why they did this as makes it so that you have to re-adjust your gimbal "cradle" every time you put it in the case. I might be ripping that off for that reason as it takes along time to get it into the right position. You get alot for your money. Extra things like sdi cable, tripod ...
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Our First Movi Product!! Released! MōVI mount!

Universal Mount for Freefly MōVI | CineMilled
IMG_4111After some long nights in the shop....I'm proud to announce our first product for the FreeFly MōVI line of gimbals! The first of many. We started things off with a "universal" MōVI mount plate. This will be perfect for people that own or work with both systems frequently, because..... we made it so it interfaces with the DJI standard and the Movi Toad in the hole!       What this means is that you can now mount your MoVI on all of your CineMilled Ronin-M/MX Mounts or DJI dovetail mounts. If you happen to have a Drone or a cable cam that uses the DJI mount that means that now, without having to take it off you can slide a MoVI into it. If you are also a Movi owner that means that now you have an alternative to the Toad in the hole and now you can also quickly mount/dismount using our Ronin-M mount! IMG_1477
This also means you can now mount your MoVi to our steadicam armpost adaptor or our new PRO Ring. Purchase here, More M...
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Finally! Ronin ARM Extensions are here!!

Arm Extensions for DJI Ronin 1 (R1) | CineMilled
  IMG_6967 The wait is over....been working hard on this. DJI Ronin ARM Extensions!!! New CineMilled feature product! Long awaited solution to mounting longer cameras and lenses on the Ronin. Now you can use a battery on the back of your epic. No need for side batt mount plate or otherwise useless "slim" IDX batteries....... So proud and happy to announce our RONIN ARM Extensions!! Buy Them right now at      I wanted to share some important information about the DJI "XL arms" and our new CineMilled Arm Extensions. I made a video where I go into and explain exactly whats involved with the "XL arms" and WHY our solution is better!! Take a look and make your decision.  
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Product Demonstration on short transportation use.

WARNING!! use this method at your own risk!!! Some people had been asking me how they could transport the Ronin "Built" in-between locations on shoot days......short trips....without dismantling the ROnin into the case and then having to build all over again a few mins later. In the video is how I do it. Using the Ronin Quick plate adaptor I mount it on a hi-hat on my tripod in the back of my car/truck. I plac esome padding and use the velcro tie and some sand bags! Safer way to transport a fully built ronin. I would NOT use this method for LONG Distances!!!! Rattles and vibrations can really damage things over 5 hours of driving on bumpy roads! WARNING!! use this method at your own risk!!! The possibilities are endless….!! The sky is the limit!! Unleash your RONIN! Get your “RQP” today!!!
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LA Customers!! Hot Rod Cameras in Hollywood is now a stocking dealer!

For all the LA Customers!! In case you haven't heard.... Hot Rod Cameras in Hollywood is now a stocking dealer. If you want to take a look in person before buying and try it out, stop by their beautiful showroom and give it a go. No need to wait on shipping....walk in a satisfy your craving for instant gratification! click here to go to their site.  
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Attention Australian customers!! Digitallogic is now a stocking authorized reseller !!

Attention Australian customers!! is now a stocking authorized reseller !! We are excited that our Australian customers now have a quality local option when buying their Ronin and now also all our Cinemilled accessories all in one place. If your in Australia .... You can now have immediate satisfaction!    
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We are a proud supporter of it's a forum open to all brands of gimbals. There is a Ronin specific forum and there are a a lot of Ronin beta testers on there and it's fast becoming a big resource for all of us. Post questions, share pictures of your builds and learn! You have questions? Join and start posting today! Check it out!   guser
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Steadicam armpost adaptor is released!

So excited to annonuce a steadicam armpost adaptor for the DJI Ronin. Available in is most popular steadicam armpost sizes. 6 sizes in all. Check out the demo/tutorial video   Also make sure to check out the vest mount video   and lastly.....the arm vehicle mounted test (steadicam arm mounted to a segway)
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